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How do I edit a subscription / trial / lifetime purchase?

Learn how to edit subscriptions, trials & lifetime purchases

To edit a subscription, trial or lifetime purchase, first:

  1. Navigate to the Subscriptions page
  1. Hover over the item that you want to edit and click the menu button on the right
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  1. Make your updates (not sure how to fill this out? No worries! checkout our definition guide below)
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  1. Click the Update button to finish updating your item

Definition Guide

  • Subscriptions / Trials -
    • Company or Service: The name of the service provider eg: Spotify, Netflix, Stripe etc.
    • Description: Add a description that’s relevant to your subscription/trial eg: if you’re subscribed to Spotify, then you could mention the plan in the Description field - “Spotify Family Plan”
    • Cycle: Cycle refers to the time period; ie; week, month, etc.
    • Frequency: Frequency is the number of cycles per billing period. For a subscription that renews every-month the Cycle would be monthly and the Frequency would be 1.
    • Cost: This is the amount in the currency you are billed per cycle.
    • Currency: Select the relevant currency for which the service provider bills you. Eg: AUD, USD, EUR, etc.
    • Type: Select which option best applies from Subscription / Trial (or Lifetime for lifetime purchases).
    • Recurring: Does this subscription automatically roll over after the contract period ends, or does it expire. Select ‘Yes’ if it rolls over and ‘No’ if it does not.
    • Next Payment Date: This is the date for which your next payment is due.
    • Expiry Date: This is the date the contract is due to expire or rollover automatically. It is helpful to set up an alert to remind you of this date, so you don’t miss it!
    • Group: Select the group you wish this subscription to be in. This is a helpful option for categorising your subscriptions.
    • Payment Method: How are you paying for this service? Select from the drop-down menu which option applies to this subscription.
  • Lifetime Purchases -
    • Purchase Cost: This is the total cost in the currency you paid.
    • Payment Date: This is the date that you paid.
    • Refund Deadline: This is the last date for which you can receive or request a refund.